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From Benedict Cumberbatch To Eddie Redmayne: The Ginger Stars Proving Red Is Deadly Sexy


Tall, dark and handsome might be the traditional view of the Hollywood hunks but it seems this year the redheads are more than muscling in with some of the hottest stars on the planet rocking ginger locks.

Yes you can keep the brunettes and blondes - so over that look - it’s all about the flame haired hunks that include everyone from Michael Fassbender to Eddie Redmayne. Red tops it seems aren’t just hot, they’re rather dashing and intelligent too.

Most of the UKs most popular exports are of the ginger variety, think Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston.

"Eddie Redmayne: He’s ginger, went to Eton with Prince William and drop dead gorgeous, we’d rather him than the prince any day! " (WENN)
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